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OOPS! Sooo, we FINALLY transferred our posts over to (Hooray!). We’ve been trying to find time to get it done for forever (slight exaggeration – ha!). We made the change a few weeks ago, but we were still doing some tweaking. THEN I forgot to post about the change from before redirecting the old url to the new url. Total rookie move, I know better, too. I figured we’d get the word out via social media, but when a friend recently said “you haven’t posted in awhile” to which I responded “I posted everyday this week” I realized I better do something to reach out to our friends that are only connected to us via the blog.

We turned off the redirect so I could post something to show up in your feeder and let you know we’re still around. We’re happy to have made the change so our url is shorter, but sadly, this means if you had saved in a Reader you’ll have to update our url to continue to get our posts. Sorry for the extra work.

We added to Blog Lovin’, so if you use that as your Reader, please add us!

We also updated the Twitter account for the old This Creative Life shop to be a Twitter account just for the blog. If you’re a Twitter-holic instead of a Reader user, you can follow the This Creative Life twitter account to be notified of new posts. Of course Jen and I will continue to tweet from our personal accounts about new blog posts.

While I’m not the biggest FB fan, we will be using our FB page more this year, sharing our blog posts there, and other things we find interesting. Connect with us on FB to get a little more art, handmade, and geekery info in your life!

If there are any posts you want more of, let us know, and we’ll do our best to up posts in that category.

That’s the This Creative Life news for now. We have more fun news coming soon.


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New Year, New Goals

fat mum slim photo a day
I’m trying Fat Mum Slim’s Photo A Day Challenge again. This challenge can be hard for me sometimes because I work at home and don’t always leave my house. I’m hoping to change that this year. I made my list of things I want to achieve this year, I can already feel one of them may not happen, not by choice, but by circumstances, I’ll just have to see how things
play out for that one. Here’s my list:

1. Create More
- Design 5 patterns a week
- Finalize 1 character a week
- Finish 1 painting a week

2. Get Moving
- Skate
- Bike
- Do Yoga
(this goal is just putting back into practice the first things that go when the holiday season hits)

3. Communicate More
- Blog more frequently
- Have weekly meet ups with friends
- Mail REAL letters

4. Be More Intentional
Sometimes I can have a laissez-faire approach to life. It trips up my obsessive compulsive nature, but it also stems from my belief that everything happens for a reason. Robo Roku has survived the last six years on people approaching us with opportunities, but our first year I was more proactive. Going into our seventh year of business I’ve learned a lot. We have tried so many things, and now I can take things we did in the past (like me being more proactive), plus all the new avenues we’ve learned about and product testing we’ve done and take Robo Roku to our next level.

2013 was a learning year for me. Our sales dipped a bit in 2013 (which was tough to handle since in 2012 we doubled our 2011 sales), but we took the summer off from shows to focus on our art, and we knew we were taking a risk. I really think 2013 was all about prepping us for what 2014 has in store for us. We learned so much, made great connections with other artists, and we’re on a path that feels effortless to us. It’s almost like we’re going back in time to when we were fresh and eager, but with so much knowledge in our back pockets. I’m so ready for 2014. How about you? Do you have exciting things you’re looking forward to this year? I’d love to hear your goals, maybe you have some I should add to my list. You can never have too many goals.

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art scene: sprATX store opening!

This weekend, get ready to welcome an awesome new addition to the East Austin gallery and retail scene, because SprATX is opening the doors to its new store! The store will house a gallery space, office, and retail establishment at which you can buy unique screen-printed shirts and prints by artists in the collective.


SprATX (pronounced Spray-TX) is a collective of street artists, muralists and creatives in Austin, TX. The imaginative members use their talents and visual art to impact our city in positive and beneficial ways.

The SprATX family is comprised of individual artists who unite as a whole to perform live street art exhibitions, pop up galleries, and custom mural painting for businesses, private events and charities. The collective also oversees the community art project known as #atxfreeartfriday, where participants gift free pieces of art every Friday to members of our community.

(Check out our previous feature about Free Art Friday.)

For the grand opening celebration, the first 50 customers will get a free art print. Drinks are sponsored by PBR, and there’ll be a mini-exhibition featuring work by SprATX artists. Doors open at noon and the party starts at 6pm on Saturday, January 4th. SprATX is located at 501 Pedernales Street, Suite 2A.

Follow SprATX on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. (While you’re there, you should also “like” our Facebook page!)

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makeup monday: sparkly golden eyes

Metallic makeup is dramatic, bold, and off-limits for many people in their everyday beauty regimens — making it PERFECT for holidays and special occasions! For the last TCL makeup post of the year, it seemed appropriate to do a fancy, sparkling metallic eye makeup application that’s just perfect for wearing to a NYE party.

Regardless of whether you think you have the guts for a gilded glittery eyelid with a dark cut crease, I’d love for you all to try it and share pics with us if you do! (Tag @jenheartsart and #thiscreativelife on Instagram so we’ll see.) This makeup application lends itself to an instantly fancier, more glamorous look.


I chose gold because it complements my skin tone and hair color, and it was also the top choice among the social media friends I polled. However, the techniques I’m using for this look can be used with just about any metallic color, and works especially well with warmer tones (like coppers, bronzes, and other shades of gold).

First, you’ll need to start with a clean, moisturized, and primed face. I use Clinique’s Moisture Surge Intense and Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm before applying any sort of foundation. On a daily basis, I wear Bare Minerals loose powder instead of a full-coverage foundation, but for a flawless and smooth face to complement this more heavy eye look I opted for Sephora liquid foundation and Bare Minerals translucent mineral veil.


Next, I went to work on creating a cut crease for contrast and shape. I used a black pencil eyeliner to draw lightly along the crease of my eyelid, shaping the outer corner with a rounded edge. Using a short, stiff brush for blending, begin smudging the liner to create a base for your black eyeshadow. Try to use a matte black eyeshadow powder, not a shimmery or metallic formula. I apply this right over the black liner and blend the edges with a pale neutral color that almost matches my natural skin color. Smudge carefully along the outer 2/3 of your bottom lash line with the remaining black eyeshadow left on your brush.

Third thing on which to focus is applying the gold to the center of the eyelid, which is done in a few layers. (Don’t forget to put on eyeshadow primer all over the lids! Do it now if you didn’t before, as it’ll help make the gold stick and shine.) I carefully applied a bright, yellow-based gold eyeshadow all over the inner and middle areas of the lid, the parts left inside the black crease and edges. A tiny bit of this color in the inner corner of the bottom lash line also brightens up the eyes. I topped the gold shadow with a glitter gold liquid liner (e.l.f. Copper) for sparkle.

Last step is to really blend the transitional areas and darken up the contrasting black areas. I used a Beauty Blender (the pointy end) to blend all the edges and e.l.f. black liquid eyeliner along the upper lash line. Finish off the look with your favorite black mascara. For the final polishing effect on my eye makeup, I dabbed on a tiny bit of Lorac’s Liquid Lustre in the copper shade. (Hint: Keep the little vial handy for quick re-metalling throughout the night!)


Adding a bit of color goes a long way for brightening up this look and really upping the glam factor. I used stila’s Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in red and NYX red lip liner, with NARS Orgasm blush. You can use a more neutral lip color if the red is too much for you, but some color and shine is necessary for pulling the look together.

If you’re not ready for such a bold look, skip the cut crease and just add a product like Lorac’s Liquid Lustre (an easy-to-apply sparkly serum-like solution) over the top of any warm, golden eyeshadow. It’s available at Sephora in a variety of colors, but I particularly like the coppery and bronze hues because they look great on most skin tones.

Add some shiny costume jewelry in a similar shade, and you’re ready to ring in another fabulous year in style!


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