Baby Steps

So you’ve figured out what you want to do. You’ve made a list of steps to take to make your business happen. But you’re a little stuck with your identity. Identity? Often “identity” and “branding” are confused with one another. The best article I have found on the difference between your identity, brand, and logo is from Just Creative Design. Sometimes I use the term “branding” in the most generalized sense, but I always point my clients to this article.

Creating an identity is important. You want people to get a sense of what you and/or your business are about. People can get a real feel for you by the colors you choose for your identity, the typeface you choose for your font, and the way you photograph your products (if you have any). Sometimes clients will want to dress their shops in their favorite colors. This can be a bad idea if it doesn’t match their product’s look at all. Let’s say you make dresses and you primarily uses light fabrics in pastel colors. Using red or hot pink in your logo may give people the wrong impression of your aesthetic. Anthropologie is a great case study. Look at their website. Just by the design and color choices you have an idea of the style of products they sell.

Also think about having a tag line. I love tag lines. You can give people at least a hint of what you sell in your tag line. Take my business, Robo Roku, for example. Our tag line is “illustrate your life” from that you know we do illustrations. My friend Becka’s shop, BabyBolt has a great identity. Her tag line is “striking kidswear” and her logo colors are a vibrant blue and black, giving you the hint that her items are not super girly.

Keep all this in mind when you (or your designer) are crafting your identity. Show me what you come up with, too!


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